A mobile app dedicated to healthy eating

How it started

As a Senior UX Designer at Mobiquity in 2012/2013, I was in charge of designing the mobile app experience for the "simple start" program offered by weight watchers.

Product: Weight Watchers Simple Start App, Native iOS and Android App.
Target Audience: New customers, Customers who've lapsed
Business Challenge: Focused on driving recruitment
My Role: Senior Designer
Working With: WeightsWatchers Product team, Mobiquity Native app developers, Research and Design Director.
Goal: Provide an experience where users can preview the 14 day recommended meal plan, which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack ideas. Users will get suggestions on what kinds of brand foods to buy, plus they can swap meals or create their own meals if necessary.

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Content Map

I mapped out the information architecture to provide our development group and understanding the the scope of work.




At the beginning of my design process I created wireframes for client review and usabilty testing.

They were also reviewed by the weight watchers product team and our development team for measument and sprint timeline delivery estimates.

Created  both iOS and Android
Using Omnigraffle (the 2013 tool of choice)
Low fidelity wirefrmes were test by weight watchers.
After testing and 2 minor updates to reminders and recipes, I moved to visual design.

UI Design

Designs for iOS and Android began following WW brand guidlines and client feedback.
Redlines and a styleguide were delivered.
The styleguide helped reduce font variety while simplify icon, illustration and photography styles.



When the Simple Start application hit the market place on September 2013, it had immediately received 5 star ratings in iTunes with rave reviews. The goal of Simple Start is acquisition of new recruits and provisions a 14-day food menu with focus on food choices.

One iTunes review:
“This app is very easy to use. It shows you great recipes with very good food. I love the way you click on the meal and its right there”
“This is a great app. It’s helping me really focus and make sure that I’m eating the healthiest things possible.”


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