My name is Jesse Conover, a product design lead living in Long Island, NY.

I scored the handle "JesseCon" from my creative director at AOL back in 2001 and couldn't believe I didn’t think of it myself, since I'm always singing Chaka Khan's "Feel for you" on a constant basis (just replace Chaka Khan w/JesseCon). 

Over the past 20 years, I've designed multiple websites, logos, brand guidelines, mobile apps, and a long list of printed materials, from direct mailers to menus and food trucks (will work for food).

Currently I'm working as a design lead planning research and design updates for web and mobile experiences.

Skills: Product design and research, journey mapping, storyboards, design thinking workshops, lean ux and agile workflow, validating product ideas, persona creation, visual design, levity. 

Love: The process, working to music, live music, playing Zelda BOW with my son.

Top characteristic: Levity

While I created this site to focus mostly on the "use case" portfolio format,  you can also visit me at: for additional design work and samples (press the big yellow button).


Use cases